Pera College Students Have Hearts of Gold!

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples and romance. At Pera College we decided to make today special for everyone. The heart of the matter was that we had big hearts that allowed us to make lots of connections with new people.

On Tuesday February 14th, students, teachers, and staff came together to enjoy fun activities and make new friends. Students were asked to find the other half of their broken heart and then work together to create explanations of their idioms that contained the word “heart”. Everyone was very creative and cooperative.  Teachers then chose their favorite and 8 different pairs won prizes. Candies, stuffed animals, water bottles, and of course Canadian pencils. Congratulations to all the winners!

This was a great way to welcome our new students and to really get to know each other. Thanks to Camila for taking the time to organize and coordinate all the fun!


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