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Leadership Lessons by Débora Zilz (research essay from a Pera Business student)

Effective crisis response is a competitive advantage; ineffective crisis response could cause a competitive disadvantage, and could even put a companies’ existence in prejudice. That was what happened with BP when the oil spill occurred. Compared with the profit of … Continue reading

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Help the Homeless: bakesale, hotdogs, and donations

After learning more about the difficulties of being homeless, students at Pera College decided they wanted to do something to help. We decided that we wanted to donate food and clothes and also raise money by selling delicious treats at … Continue reading

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Michelle talks about her friend Sumi

Sumi is a student from Korea. Let’s talk about what she wants to be, her hobby, and why she is learning English. First, she wants to be a food stylist who decorates food. Her major was related to cooking, so … Continue reading

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This week’s writing: free time and new experiences

Free Time to be Alone    by Zhang When we assume too much stress from working and are also busy to join socialactivities with friends. Different people have different ways to decrease the stress,but, I consider that it is important to … Continue reading

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Read this week’s essays written by our dedicated students!

Healthy food      by KaoriMaintaining healthy is very important to live, but it is not so easy. Health isinfluenced many things in your life such as sleep, exercise, happiness and stress.You can get sick easily when you change your lifestyle only … Continue reading

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Find out why Amy loves studying English!

If someone asks me “why are you studying English?” My answer is absolutely for fun. There is no room for doubt. There are lots of other reasons for studying English, but the most important one for me is pleasure. When … Continue reading

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Bake Sale March 12th @ 10:30

Hello Everyone, As you know we are having a BAKE SALE on Monday at 10:30. Please don’t forget to bring a little bit of money for coffee and delicious treats! Thanks to all the volunteers who are making food and … Continue reading

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Essays on helping the homeless and less fortunate

At Pera College we have decided that we want to give back to our community so we have organized different activities in order to raise money and donations to help local charities. Students have also been learning and writing about … Continue reading

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This week’s writing from our students…tattoos and teaching!

Tattoos by Kaori Tattoos are getting to be common these days and there are various designs. They are not only for some people anymore, but many people have tattoos nowadays. In Japan, we had an image that the people who … Continue reading

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Winner of the Essay of the Month Competition!

Masako (this month’s essay winner) Masako with her teacher Allan  

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