What Pera College students wrote about last week…dogs, shopping, and cooking!

The role of a dog in a family by Kaori Hirako

 I love dogs. They make me happy. Dogs are very cute, friendly, and faithful. So they are comparatively easy to live with. The number of people who have dogs is increasing these days. Some people have dogs as their friends and some people do as their children.

Recently, the number of women who work is increasing and declining birthrate is getting worse. I think people don’t have enough time to have children and tend to have dogs instead of children. Some people dress their dogs and feed them luxury foods. They take their dogs wherever they go and the number of stores and hotels where dogs can come in is increasing. The dog industry is growing remarkably and the services are diversified. In Japan, we have dog cafes. Dog cafe is a cafe for dogs and their owners. Cafe serves foods for dogs and some cafes have dog parks. Dogs and their owners enjoy communications with each other.

Dogs aren’t pets any longer. They are a member of a family for us.

Shopping  by Yuichi Hasegawa

 In my life time, I have met so many people who love shopping, I can say with some certainty that most of them have been women.

I would like to focus on the differences in shopping style between men and women. One of the biggest differences is the amount of items people buy. I often see women holding many more shopping bags than men on the streets, on the trains and in the shopping malls. Sometimes women have their arms full of clothes. In my entire life, I have never seen men carrying such a lot of shopping bags.

Another difference is the hours they spend on shopping. If compared to men, I can tell that women tend to spend longer hours than men do. When I was a university student in Japan, some of my friends including both men and women, went shopping together. I remember that they spent so many hours looking for their favourite clothes and trying different things on repeatedly, and my male friends and I were just sitting on benches after finishing shopping. Since then I have decided not to go shopping with my female friends. It would be very hard for me to follow women’s shopping style and would be nice to go shopping alone and make the most of my time.

 Cooking by Zhang Mengqiao

 Cooking is the process of preparing food, often with the use of heat. Cooking techniques and ingredients vary widely across the world, reflecting unique environmental, economic, and cultural traditions. Cooks themselves also vary widely in skill and training.

There is no clear evidence as to when the practice of cooking food was first conceived. Most anthropologists believe that cooking fires began only about 250,000 years ago. Evidence of fire is inconclusive, as wildfires started by lightning-strikes are still common in East Africa and other wild areas.

When we think about cooking, people will find that only humans have the ability to cook. because they control the skill of making a fire. When the ancient people knew the way to keep and make fire, it was an accident. They have changed the whole human lives. From that time,  they put an end to eating uncooked food which is not healthy enough. By using fire for cooking, people who live in different places create a host of different food. In cooking field ,fire is a basic element. People  who want to learn cooking, the most important lesson for them to know is  how to control the duration and degree of heating.

Moreover, In cooking, cooks also need seasonings. Salt is an important and basic seasoning. Compared with duration and degree of heating, flavoring is even more difficult. Using salt to bring out flavor of food which is a standard for judging if a cook is good or not. I love to eat great food.

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