Essays on helping the homeless and less fortunate

At Pera College we have decided that we want to give back to our community so we have organized different activities in order to raise money and donations to help local charities. Students have also been learning and writing about issues that are important to them and sharing them with students. Here are some of their essays:

The Importance of Helping Others by Eda

I want to speak about helping underprivileged families.What do you think? There’re always two divergent opinions about helping them, one thing is ‘good’ and the other one is ‘bad’. I know it depends on one’s personality and opinion, and also totally agree with that. However, as I speak my opinion, I absolutely think that it is the most important thing ever because we can not live alone. we have to take care of poor by donating, fundraising, or volunteering.

Here’s my case. when I was in Korea, every Monday, I used to go to care center for giving homeless people free dinner. whenever I go there, I tried to talk with them, but most of them didn’t want to talk with helpers.They seemed to be ashamed of themselves. But I could feel that they always thank us for helping them. Even though some people say, doing volunteer is for self-contentment. but I would say people who get helped by other people always feel thankful and also can feel comfortable. That is why we are not complacent.

I also had a daughter in the Philippines, named ‘Paula’, I gave her just a little money every month, and I got some letters from her. She was 9years old and has 3 younger sibling. To tell you the truth, I completely don’t want to call them ‘poor’, so she was a girl who needed others help to live. She told me that she really appreciates me, but I know I got more happiness from her.

I think it is not that hard to help other people, if you have a social-consciousness, and I strenuously insist that it gives you a great guidance. you could enjoy and be thankful how much you’ve gotten in your life.So from now, help them!

Charity bu Yuichi

In Japan, there is one of the Charity events that are called “Akaihane.” This term means red feather made out of chicken feather. This charity event started in 1947. Every year from the first day of October to the last day of December, we conduct this event in companies, schools, and all public areas. In this charity event, people across Japan collect donations for disabled people, elderly people, children and disaster. After you donate some money, you can get a red feather and can put it on your clothes. This is just like Remembrance Day here in Canada. However donation does not have to be money. It can be pre-paid cards, handkerchiefs and some other goods. This donated money can not be sent to other countries. It has be sent to all parts of Japan.

The Importance of Donationby Zhang

Today, fundraiser and donation already has become very common social activities. The directional flow of donations is from developed countries to developing countries or from the people who have compassion to the other people who are in troubles. Usually, the donations are formed by different objects such as food, books, stationery, toys and clothing. These kinds of donations are mostly given to local charitable organizations. so they can help the people who are in need nearby. But for the regional charitable organizations such as Red Cross, they encourage people to donate money because the transportation fee for ship goods and materials is expensive.

Compassion is an important human behavior which can properly explain the activity of donation the opinion and quality of compassion not only originated from modern time. It already has a long history. Like in ancient China, Confucius who was considered the greatest of ancient sages advanced a theory the original goodness of human nature. He considered that man’s nature is good at birth and all people have natural sympathies. These opinions were the foundation of ancient Chinese moral system. So no matter how many changes happen in time, these old moral concepts still exist.

All in all, the activity of donation is a significant traditional virtue. It does not matter how much money a person has, if they share their bounty, they feel uplifted.

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