Find out why Amy loves studying English!

If someone asks me “why are you studying English?” My answer is absolutely for fun. There is no room for doubt. There are lots of other reasons for studying English, but the most important one for me is pleasure. When I study and learn English I feel so happy and excited. Also, English is very important to get a good job in Korea. If you speak English well, you can find a job easily. Most companies want to hire a person who can speak English instead of someone can’t. If you don’t have any English score they might not even give you a chance to apply. This means you can get a lot of valuable chances to get a job with your English skills. In addition, you will earn a higher salary from the company. Lastly, I can communicate with native people. There are so many English people in the world. If I don’t speak English, how can I talk with them? English is a common way to communicate. You can make friends who are from other countries. We can share about our thinking, life and culture with each other. So, what I want to say is English is good and important these days!

Let’s start to study English right now!

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