Read this week’s essays written by our dedicated students!

Healthy food      by Kaori
Maintaining healthy is very important to live, but it is not so easy. Health is
influenced many things in your life such as sleep, exercise, happiness and stress.
You can get sick easily when you change your lifestyle only a little.
I think that food is one of the most important thing for our health. We eat food
everyday and we can’t live without eating food. That’s why choosing healthy food
is very important for our health. Then what is healthy food? Generally speaking,
vegetable and fish are healthy, and greasy and salty foods are not healthy. But the
foods which are generally unhealthy have good flavors, so these foods are very
attractive and we can’t sometimes stop eating them. If we put up with them, we
should feel stress and we might eat more afterwards.
To eat unhealthy food too much is not good for our health, but I think we can eat
unhealthy food moderately. People don’t think too much about food that is better
for your health. But we need to choose wisely.

Children and Pets   Zhang

Today, pets have played an important role in human lives. More and more people
believe that pets are parts of their lives and one of the family members. In my
opinion, having a pet can also make a good effect on children.

First of all, having a pet can provide a wonderful childhood for children. For
young children, a pet plays a significant role such as partner in their process of
growing up. Children will have more fun without sorrow and anxiety from playing
with pets. These happy memories will also accompany their whole lives.

Second, having a pet can develop children a good disposition. When children
spend time on playing with pets, this time brings them a unobtrusive and
imperceptible change and influence on their disposition. They become more
optimistic and outgoing.

Finally, having a pet can educate children to know how to assume responsibility.
If children have their own pet, they will be happy to know how to take care of
them from children’s parents. In the process of looking after pet, children will
feel the sense of responsibility which could give them great help for their future

In a nutshell, pets have become important partner since a long time ago in
human history. Both pets and humans all get a huge benefits from each other.
I am sure this relationship between human and pet will continue forever, no
matter how many changes in life.

Short or Longer Vacations   by Luis

When we speak of long or short vacation I’ve always said that the best are
long, so that we have all the time in the world to enjoy. Next, I’ll write the
disadvantages and advantages of both.

Holidays with a long period of time can be fun, but it depends a lot on the place
where we are, and who we are. For example, a family vacation can be fun if
you go to a resort or somewhere new, but if you go to the same old place maybe
it will not have a good ending. On the other side are the holidays with
friends in long term, these can be fun too, but as with the family, depend greatly
on the location and activities to do, include the climate, attitude, and people who
are with us are a big factor in this issue.
In my opinion, long term holidays are the best, especially when in a warm
place, because you have enough time to relax, forget for a while with the
obligations and enjoy a long journey.

Now talk of a short vacation. In my case, I do not like this type of vacation for the
following reasons.

  • It takes long hours to reach the destination (by car).
  • You do not have enough time to enjoy the journey.
  • Commonly are in remote areas of technology.
  • You return the next day exhausted and have to work or study.
  • They are expensive.

To end this topic I would like to say that vacations, long or short, should be
enjoyed, because these are intended to relax, try something new, and always will
be a good experience to learn something and of course will remember it.

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