This week’s writing: free time and new experiences

Free Time to be Alone    by Zhang

When we assume too much stress from working and are also busy to join social
activities with friends. Different people have different ways to decrease the stress,
but, I consider that it is important to spend free time alone. I prefer having free
time alone at home rather than joining parties. The life style what I really look
forward is sitting nearby the fireplace and reading an interesting novel. I am
perfectly satisfied with this kind of peaceful life. From spending personal time
alone, my mind gets enough rest and gets ready to go into work again.

Compared with spending free time with friends, having personal time is close
to our own life. Though I agree that people need social activities, they also
need their own time. Nobody can keep a quick and nervous life style for a long
time. They need find a balance point such as the position of golden section
in mathematics. This point depends on the dispositions of different people,
because some people are tend to be introverted and other people are tend to be

Experience at the UBC Seminar by Aehwa

I had a good experience yesterday. I talked with students who came from Japan
in a seminar. They are in Vancouver for a month, they came to Vancouver to
study English. Before I talked with them, they had prepared some questions
for me. Most of the questions were Why did you come to Vancouver?, What is
your dream?, and What is the culture difference between Japan and Canada? I
answered their questions, and they listened to me carefully. I also asked them
some questions that Do you like Vancouver? and what was the most shocking
or surprising thing in Vancouver? They told me that they liked Vancouver and
they wanted to stay in Vancouver longer. During the talk with students, they
reminded me of myself . When I came to Vancouver I was so nervous. I could not
speak or listen to English very well,  I had no friends and family, and I was afraid
of speaking with Canadians. One year later, those problems are gone. Now, I am
not afraid of speaking with Canadians and I have friends.
I like Vancouver and I enjoy my life. During the talk with students, I thought they
are really enjoying their Vancouver life because when they were talking about
their experience, their eyes were so shiny. I really enjoyed talking with them
because they stimulated me a lot. If I had this opportunity again, I would like to
talk with students again.


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