Help the Homeless: bakesale, hotdogs, and donations

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After learning more about the difficulties of being homeless, students at Pera College decided they wanted to do something to help. We decided that we wanted to donate food and clothes and also raise money by selling delicious treats at a bake sale and yummy hotdogs for a Saint-Patrick’s day celebration. We even had coffee left from the bake sale so we brought it down to the park and gave it to people. It was a cold and wet day, so it definitely helped warm some people up. With all our efforts combined we managed to raise almost $200 and lots of nice clothes and food! The next week a group of students took the Skytrain with all the donations and delivered them to the Covenant House. A shelter that helps youth aged 16-24. Our students got a tour of the center and were able to see where their donations were going. The students were impressed with the facilities and were happy that they could help people in less fortunate situations. All in all our week was a success. Not only did we help people in our community, but we also had lots of fun doing it. Hope you like our pictures.

Way to go everybody!

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