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Sheryle’s class went to the Vancouver Convention Centre

I went to Vancouver Convention Center and it was exciting. Among the most exciting were the roof on Vancouver convention center has grass and plants on the top this is to keep heat inside the building. Bee hives on the … Continue reading

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Essay Against the Death Penalty – by Alberto Gomez

In my opinion, I’m against the death penalty as a form of criminal punishment. The most important reason, is that it is unethical because it increases disrespect for human life and it contradicts because you’re teaching that killing is wrong … Continue reading

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Happy Hanami (Cherry Blossom Festival)!

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Easter at Pera College

We love holidays at Pera College because it is a great opportunity for everyone to get together and have some fun. So for Easter, teachers Stuart and Ibrahim organized some activities for the whole school. First, students had to draw a … Continue reading

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Common slang terms

This is a great booklet of common slang used by many Canadians and Americans that you will meet. You can also find these expressions in movies, on TV, and in popular songs. If you want to communicate better with native speakers, learn some of these terms and try to use them in your conversations!

Good luck!

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Introducing Stella by Ian

Stella is a good student from Korea. We talked about her hobbies, her education and her job. First, her hobby is cooking. She’s had her hobby since she was a child. she said “when I am cooking, I feel interested … Continue reading

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Good Teachers by Min

Min is a teacher in Korea. In this blog post she describes the qualities of a good teacher Good teachers have several important qualities. First, teachers have to have teaching skills. A teacher’s duty is teaching students. If a teacher … Continue reading

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