Easter at Pera College

We love holidays at Pera College because it is a great opportunity for everyone to get together and have some fun. So for Easter, teachers Stuart and Ibrahim organized some activities for the whole school. First, students had to draw a logo to represent themselves and then explain what it meant to other students in order for everyone to get to know each other better. After that, there was an Easter themed drawing competition. Students had to use vocabulary and descriptions in order to know what the other one had drawn and draw something similar. There were prizes for the two best and the two worst. Next, students were divided into teams and they had to come up with 5 words before any other team. What made it difficult was that not only did the words have to be from a certain category like business, food, or homes; but, they also had to begin with the same letter. Finally, there was an Easter egg hunt. Delicious chocolate eggs had been hidden all over the school and students had to find them. Some students had never participated in an Easter egg hunt before so it was new and exciting. We can’t wait for the next holiday so we can have even more fun.

Check out our photos!

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