Eda and Luis write about their best friends

My Best Friend by Eda

Eun-Sung Jung is my best friend. She is also called ‘mother’ because she looks older than her age. Everyone is shocked when they hear about her real age. She seems to be an ordinary person, but she has a weird character.

She and I were classmates when we were in high school. She was always alone and looked like a person form the past and always slept even during the classes but she always got high grades. It was very interesting to watch her and I felt kind of pity that’s why I wanted to become friend to her. I was a very active student in my school so I thought she didn’t like me. However, she totally liked me as other students did.

She is skinny and tall. She always wants to become pretty so she has had many plastic surgeries but unfortunately she’s still not that pretty… She always complained about her bowed-leg (we have lots of people who have this kind of problem in Korea) so she bought a very expensive machine to fix her leg. Every time she uses this machine, she screamed. However here’s another unfortunate thing. It didn’t work.

Her personality is also weird. She seems that she has no worries in her life but deep down, she is a very gloomy person. Even though she is not in the mood, she is always concerned about other people’s feeling and never gets mad at people. That’s why everyone who is around her likes her. She’s a really comfortable person so I tell her everything. Usually she says nothing to me whenever I tell my problems, but she makes me feel alright.

She’s an absolutely important person in my life. She’s my rock. Whenever I need some supports (it could be money or any helps) she is always there for me. She always encourages me saying ‘you can do it!’ she understands me and also praises me highly all the time. Moreover, she knows how much I care about my mother so she also cares my mother as a daughter instead of me whenever I am away from her.

In a nutshell, because of her, I could get over all my rough situations. The fact that I have her in my life makes me really comfortable and thankful to GOD. I know she will be always with me and also I want to be a friend to her just like her.

My best friend  by Luis

My best friend is the person who has always been with me since I was 11 years old. I met him in Mexico, when we were studying at elementary school, and we have been in touch since then even when I am really far away.

All our friends call him “fat”, but he is not really that fat, he is tall which in my opinion makes him look a little bit chubby. He has brown eyes, black short hair; a white suntanned skin, and a funny moustache, but the thing that most characterizes him is his mole located right next to his nose.

My best friend has a lot of qualities. First of all he is really supportive. When I am in trouble, he doesn’t think twice to help me, and for me it is really important because I know he is a reliable person.  Another important quality is that he is funny and easy going, and that’s a quality that makes me feel comfortable to share my opinions, problems with him, and the most important to be myself.

He plays an important role in my life. He is one of the few people that I know will support me as I also know I will support him till the end of our days. All my family knows him really well, and although my parents know we are a little bit crazy they still like the friendship that we have because it is based on honesty and trust.

In a nutshell, I feel really blessed to have such a fantastic friend like him, and I know we will always support each other, have fun together, and share a lot of crazy moments.

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    i love my bestfriend

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