Our trip to Waterfront


By Jonathan

Today was a special day in our school. We went to the Waterfront and we had a very different lesson. This is a very beautiful place. I can see large snowy mountains and a wonderful blue sky. There are lots of young people relaxing on the soft green grass. I also can see many fun people taking great pictures. There is always an enormous white seabus crossing the big cold sea. Finally, the most interesting situation was a crazy little dog running after an old brown ball.

Su and Ian

We went to the Waterfront. We saw lots of amazing things. First, we saw the gorgeous big white Canada place which is a convention center. Second, around the Waterfront there were so many beautiful white flowers. Third, on the edge of the Waterfront there was a wonderful round water fountain. Then, we saw so many people enjoying sunlight and taking a rest. Finally, across the sea, there was spectacular big green North Vancouver.We really enjoyed those things, and had a great time.

JJ and Michelle

We are at waterfront. Outside the weather is awesome. So, there are many people taking a rest. In front of us, there is a person who is laying down and reading a magazine on the wet green grass.Beside us, a man who looks gentle, is eating delicious looking red lunch that looks like lasagna and a cool Canadian drink. Next to the man, there is a handsome guy. He is perfect. The guy is reading a book. I think the book is a lovely romance book. I hope he is single. Between us and the guy, there is a relaxed person. He is stretching. He looks so flexible. Over there, there is a family. They have a cute small young baby.  Next to them, there is a cozy baby carriage with a soft purple blanket. In conclusion , the people who are here look peaceful and free to both of us.

Stella and Sumi

Water front is peaceful place. Whenever I’ve been here, I always saw people look so peaceful . Some people enjoy they all talk to their friends and take pictures. Today the weather is nice and clear sky, shining. Even if it is a little bit windy and cold and the flowers are blooming. So Stella tries to smell the flower but they don’t have scent. She thinks the summer doesn’t come yet, but a lot of peoples’ clothes already look summery. When, does summer come? We are waiting for summer since 4months ago. I’m ready to enjoy the summer at Waterfront!


Now, I’m standing at the most beautiful place in Canada, Waterfront. Even in the sky, it’s perfectly clear to enjoy the weather without any problem. People are enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and laying on the green ground for own free time. A dog that is going out with its owner and playing with a ball by huge old building which nice match around by. These things let me feel everything work out. If you were here and looking around the view, you’d definitely love it.

Noriko and Adriano

Sunny day in Waterfront

We can see beautiful mountains and the bay. The weather is nice. There are many people eating delicious food, resting and looking happy.We can see enormous buildings. There are many white birds and colorful flowers, because it is sunny. We can hear noisy air plain. There is a beautiful water fountain. We can see tired and happy people transferring to a relaxed North Van. There are different tourists who are taking nice pictures. We can see a cute dog playing with a man.

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