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Slow Food is the Best Food by Tulio

In my opinion, one of the biggest pleasures that we can have in our lives is to relish good and delicious food. Actually it doesn`t matter if it`s an expensive or elaborate dish what`s really important for good food is the quality of the ingredients, the care of how it`s made and the “right pinch” of the seasoning.

When he subject is of good and delicious comes up, I am reminded of a restaurant that I used to go to almost every week when I was in high school, to have lunch. Unfortunately, I can`t remember the name of the place properly, however I`ll never forget the tasty food. The food is so memorable because it was simple ad looked like homemade food. The real slow food style. The main dish, which I most like, is a perfect combination between rice, “corda” beans, bread crumbs, very soft yellow cassava and a tasty dried meat accompanied with a melted butter, which makes it tasty even better.

The dish is rather heavy which is why not everyone will enjoy it, but despite the fact that is a little bit fatty it`s so tasty and cheap. For everyone who will have the opportunity to go to Brazil I suggest try out this typical and delicious dish.

Stepho’s by Kate Kim

Do you get sick of eating hot dogs or pizza everyday? Or are you looking for a lot of food? I am going to introduce a Greek restaurant. Souvlaki, which is a typical Greek food, is a big enough meal. You can choose three different kinds of meet, lamb, beef or chicken. It will be served with a huge amount of rice and super fresh Greek salad and wrapped inside moist flat bread. If you are a party of three women, you will need to order two plates of Souvlaki. It might be enough because they have big plates. If you are starving, you will be able to eat bread that is offered free.

You can also order from the sea food menu if you like. Garlic Prowns, which is prepared chubby shrimp in olive oil and garlic and served with fried rice, is one of my favorite. I would like to say ‘Olive oil soup’. I thought kind of soup when I saw first time because the bowl is full of olive oil. It is good match to eat those, rice, oil, garlic, together. It tastes so good.

One more thing that I want to describe is what you can see inside the restaurant. Can you imagine white houses of blue door and roof in Greece? You can feel like you are in Greece. You can see both colors and green trees and a ceiling window.

Do not forget. It is very popular restaurant. You have to line up if you go there at lunch time or dinnertime. Because you cannot book your seat before get there. A little tiny tip is you should avoid going at this time. Today, you should just call your friends and go enjoy super delicious food.

Japanese restaurant by Noriko

There are many types of restaurants in Japan. Most restaurants have morning service, which is when we can eat small breakfasts at the restaurants. And they also have drink bar and salad bar service. It’s good for us because we just pas less than $2 to 10, and we can eat everything every time whatever we want. Furthermore, the rooms are divided which means we can choose smoking or not.

Sometimes everyone is too lazy to make breakfast. We have to eat breakfast every day, but in Japan we have a nice restaurant. Most Japanese restaurants have “morning service”. We can eat breakfast for only the price of coffee. This service is until 2 or 3pm, so If you ordered a cup of coffee, you can get breakfast which is a slice of bread and eggs. It also depends on the restaurant, some restaurants serve salad, omelets, bread and jelly. This service is very popular in Japan, so many restaurants compete with each other during morning service.

And also Japan has drink bars and salad service. We just have to pay $2 or $3 and we can have all you can drink want. This service is good for young people, because they often go there and order the drink bar menu than stay there over 2 or 3 hours. And then when they order some dishes they can choose salad bar which is all you can eat. It’s like the drink bar. This service is also popular in Japan, so many people order this one with dinner.

Finally, almost all Japanese restaurants have two types of rooms which are for smokers and the other is for non-smokers. When I go in the restaurants, the employer asks me “Are you a smoker?” I think this service is good for customers who are smokers or not. In Canada, when someone wants to smoke, they have to go out to smoke, but in Japan they don’t need to be worried about it. And also nonsmokers don’t worried about smoke, so everyone can enjoy to meal.

I think those services are good for customers. Because we don’t need to pay a lot. So I am proud of Japanese for those services. On weekends, most Japanese go to restaurants, I think that everyone likes those services.


When you go to a restaurant, you expect to have good food, good service and good prices. But the RainFlorest Cafe in San Francisco goes much beyond that, offering way more than just an ordinary. The wildness starts once you set foot in the restaurant. You feel like you are in the middle of a tropical jungle. All the ceilings are covered with leaves and the rooms are separated by trees. While you walk all the way to your table, you pass through moving statues of animals, like elephants, gorillas, and birds. Not to mention the huge aquariums with the most colorful fish and marine species.

Well, one month ago I was on vacation with my friend in a trip through the coast of California. San Francisco was our first stop. While we were walking to Fisherman’s Wharf looking for some place to eat, the RainFlorest Cafe caught our attention and we decided to enter. There were so many things to distract us that I could have spent an hour just admiring them. I actually had forgotten that we were in a restaurant. When we were sitting and looking at the menu, I was so indecisive with the multiple options that I started spying on the neighbour’s meals. I noticed I could order anything, because everything looked so good and it probably tasted as good as well.

And so it was! I had the “Taste of the islands”, which was an exotic dish basically made with coconut shrimp, blackened tilapia and mango salsa. After the first bite I could feel that the ingredients were all fresh and so tasty and juicy. Unfortunately I didn’t save room for the dessert, which also looked I certainly suggest to anybody who is either heading to or passing through San Francisco to drop in on The RainFlorest Cafe, because surely they are going to have a great experience, both in the visual and culinary senses.

One Experience and Two Meals by Gustavo

I have good memories about the last time which I went to a restaurant in Brazil, because on that day I had dinner twice in two different restaurants. A couple of days before I came to Vancouver my cousin invited me to have dinner with him, of course, I accepted. The first place where we went was a pizzeria which served excellent pizzas. We ate calmly and chatted for a few hours. We ordered an amazing pepperoni pizza and drank cool beers. Then We went to another restaurant where We had dinner for the second time, and it was pretty funny because as I said it was our second dinner that night. We ordered some tasty pepperoni with onions and some slices of beef. There was a kind of portable stove which kept the food warm. As people usually do in Brazil, We drank several bottles of beer. It was a fantastic night. Therefore that dinner, and both restaurants, which I wrote about are memorable for me. By the way, I didn’t used to have dinner in restaurants even with my girlfriend, so now I remember these meals with huge fondness.

A Most Memorable Meal by David

When I think back on my most memorable food experience, it’s very hard to pick one. Maybe it was three years ago, when I was in Japan, specifically, in an old style Japanese restaurant in Osaka. I was not alone, I was travelling with two more friends, also Spanish. We had met with a Japanese friend, who wanted to show us a real Japanese meal. In the first moment when we set foot in the restaurant, we realized it was true old styled. All the floor were wooden and there were typical Japanese wooden doors with square paper windows.

The second interesting thing was that you had to eat on your knees, helped by a soft pillow, of course. Afterwards, we ordered what we wanted from the menu. One we had the food on our table, we were able to start eating. The taste of the first dish was incredible, it was some kind of soft and delicate Japanese vegetable. Although there were some crunchy nuts over to contrast the taste. Besides, it was prepared in a well-organized and methodical way. The second one was a yummy beef served with a dark and succulent sauce. Finally we ate the deserts, a small slice of chocolate cake with cream. Actually they weren’t very sweet, just in the measure.

Later I took the bottle of wine and read the label, then I realized what it was made from my town, I couldn’t believe it! At the end, our Japanese friend paid for the meal, which was very kind. After that we were ready to go party!

Food of the Ancient Gods by Jessica

Sthephos is one the most tradicional Greek restaurants in Vancouver. It is stuck in the middle of the Village Davie trade. Whoever passes in front of the establishment may not care much for the simple facade, but they are certainly surprised by the experience, which is what happended with me.

At Stephos, I found delicious traditional foods, such as roast lamb, roast beef and Greek salad. All the dishes are served with salad, rice and bread. The combination of the aroma with homemade food, reminded me of my mother’s food.

The Greek salad surprised me. It was a mixture of onions, cucumber, olives, peppers and feta cheese with a strong flavor, but really nice. I had never tasted anything like that. Inside the restaurant you feel like you’re in Greece. The paintings, background music, and wooden antique furniture add to the Greek ambience.

It was an amazing experience, which created curiosity in me and made me want to learn more about Greek food.

Travel to Peru via your stomach in Madrid by Santi

If you have never tasted Peruvian food, you have to learn about it’s very different to ‘occidental’ food. That’s why I’m recommending to you a little Peruvian restaurant in Madrid. I found it when my mother celebrated her birthday there a few years ago. But the best present wasn’t to her, it was to me. It was to discover this restaurant, which is my favourite restaurant to this day.

It’s very difficult to find, but it’s more difficult to go inside. The first problem is it’s on Gerardo Cordon Street, a little street in a little neighbourhood in Madrid (La Elipa). Also, if you can find this street, you won’t believe the black door without a sign is a Peruvian restaurant. It looks like an old closed shop. But the worse problem is the random schedule, you can’t ever know if it’s going to be open or closed.

If you are lucky and you finally go inside, for sure you’re going to be disappointed. The restaurant looks like a dining-room with less than ten tables. The decorations are not important, only a few paintings from Peru, that’s all.

But the service is incredible. As son as we entered, they brought us the menu and started asking us what we wanted. They have about twenty traditional dishes from Peru. Almost all of them taste delicious.

The first time I went I asked for a Yuka with meat inside. Actually it is still my favourite plate. Yuka is like a big potato and is served whit rice, a special and delicious sauce and whatever meat or fish you want inside.

So, if you have never eaten Peruvian food, you should go to this restaurant and try it. And if you have eaten it before and you liked it, you MUST go to this restaurant and taste it on other level, a higher level!

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