What we saw at Waterfront…


By Bohee and Laura

We are in waterfront and there are a lot of beautiful scenery. We are sitting on wonderful green grass and we are looking at other people. One man is wearing a blue short sleeved shirt. One woman is wearing a long green dress. They are talking to each other happily. They are surrounded by high modern buildings and they are looking at a black tiny crow. They look so pleased because today’s weather is a fantastic warm temperature. We really want to come here again to look at other people.

By Jinny and Jake

In front of waterfront station, we can see beautiful landscapes. First of all, there is a wonderful huge green mountain. It has harsh big gray rocks and old green trees. we really want to clinb that mountain. Second, we can see a great white ship. It has colorful flags, a deep swimming pool and many deluxe rooms. we can go to another country on that ship. Finally, the best view is the ocean. because the ocean is clear and blue. It looks like a dark sapphire. The mountain, ship and ocean makes a great view. If you do not come here, you won’t feel the real Vancouver.

By Gamze and Victor

There were a lot of features at Waterfront in Vancouver around. The first one was the mountains that were all parallel to each other. All the mountains were rocky at the peak and were covered with a lot of gigantic trees. So, they were very green and sloppy. They were about 3 km high or maybe more. So, you can’t go hiking there. Because, the trees are very close . It looked very fresh. So, I think that there was a lot of oxygen. I saw also high electric towers. At the base of the mountains were small and cute houses. Lastly, I saw also seagulls at the peak of the mountains. I think it is the best location because the mountains were near the sea and gave Vancouver an amazing view that was not far from downtown.

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