November Writing Competition Winning Essay: ELAINE:)

As you all know, the topic for the writing competition in November was Stress. We have received a lot of interesting essays on stress and it’s getting more difficult every time to choose the winning essay. That being said, the winner for the Writing Competition this month is ELAINE!!! You can read her essay bellow…

Thank you for sharing with us your views on stress. 

Well Done Elaine!!!Image

 Stress: only an adult problem? Not really!

By: Elaine

        Stress: a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances (definition taken from But this definition of stress as we know nowadays was created only in 1936 by the doctor Hans Selye and became popular just decades later. Does it mean that 100 years ago people did not suffer from stress?

        Stress has always been present in our life. It doesn’t mean that just because there wasn’t a term to describe it, people didn’t suffer from stress in the past. It is like bullying, which is also a new term, and even before it has been named as bullying, people already had bullied and had been bullied. By the way, bullying is one of the causes of stress in kids. People think that just adults suffer from stress, but this is not true. Did you know that also babies can suffer from stress?

        The main cause of stress in babies and kids is actually the parents. In the babies’ cases are usually the mothers who are suffering from postpartum stress and transfer it to the baby. In the children’s cases, parents want them to succeed in life and give them too many duties such as swimming, piano classes, international language classes, and so on. The parents don’t realize that the kids are overwhelmed, thereby making them stressed.

        In a lot of cases, the parents don’t have awareness of the situation, and of course, neither the children. Most of the parents don’t even know the possibility of a kid to suffer from stress, acting inappropriately about the kids’ behaviour. It can also harm the development in school, not to mention that can be the cause of other diseases, as depression and gastroesophageal reflux.

        The pursuit of knowledge on stress in kids by parents and teachers is an important step forwards in order to recognize the problem and be able to treat it in the best possible way. Moreover, it is also important the child accept his/her situation to find good strategies to deal with stress. After all, stress is only a matter of knowing how to handle it!    

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