Hail storm – one day in my childhood


Hail storms are called rains with little pieces of ice, what could hit you while the rain happen. It’s not a big problem, but also is not insignificant. Always when that kind of storm happen we could have little damages, as a car scratch and damages in windows or roofs. At least,  at home, Sao Paulo – Brazil, it isn’t a big issue, but that kind of storm could be a big problem if that happen in farms, may causing damages in big plantation, once could it devastate all the plantation and hurt farm animals.

When you are a kid that could be just one happy day in your childhood. Almost one snowing day, after finish the hail storm, kids go to street and start to play with ice, making  ice fight and trolling little pieces of ice in each other, sometimes with catapult just to hurt more your enemy. 

One think always remind me these days is how beautiful is the floor after storm, when all the little pieces of ice stay on the floor  and reflecting the sun’s light, always so bright and looking like little pieces of crystal. Another funny think about is how crazy your mother gets when you are on the street enjoying the storm and playing with ice and getting wet. Good times.

The damages occurred hardly ever are big and frequently involve in most of cases roofs and car scratches.  Not a big issue, hail storms could be a funny day, if you don’t have your car scratched or your property damaged. 

Write by: Alan.

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