Granville Island, by Rachel


We went to Granville Island. We were planning to go on a trip to the garden, but the weather wasn’t that supportive unfortunately. We took a bus and it seemed like the bus had changed the direction, so it was a longer trip than we expected. However, it wasn’t that bad because it was warmer than outside. Finally, we had arrived and got off the bus. We got into the Granville Public Market, which is famous for various kinds of farm products. You can see a variety of fruits and vegetables there. Look at the picture. On the left hand side, there are many beautiful, lovely, fresh, aromatic and colorful flowers. It is like we are in the garden. In the center, my classmates are looking at the flowers. My Brazilian classmate is pointing at the flowers and seems like they were talking about the flowers. In the back of them, there are signs which say FLORIST and FARMS or something similar. On the right side, there are some fruits. They are pineapples and above them, there are oranges. Other than flowers and fruits, there are meats, chocolates, cookies, bread, salmon and everything else. When we passed by foods, we got hungry because of the smell that stimulated our appetite. The atmosphere in public market was pretty alive and active.

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