An Influential Actor

Christian Bale is a famous actor in the world, who was born in 1974 in Wales. The most attractive quality about him is that he is hardworking. Everybody must have seen him act in many movies. His body fitness has changed many times for each film in which he acted. This means he has such a big responsibility for his career. Also, according to my knowledge, he is an honest, helpful and modest person. Next, I have never seen him having sensationalist behavior. Christian simply acts and stays away from bad fame. Some singers and actors have bad reputation or a sensationalist attitude, like Lady Gaga, but he is not behaving this way. While, he has a different attitude than other famous people. In addition, his characteristic skills are enough to be a well person. For example, George Clooney and Jonny Deep’s personalities are similar with him. However, his way is influential for me because I want to be just a normal person, who we can see on the street and who works hard in his career.

Written by : Ali Haydar Sanli


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