An Influential Turkish Queen

Hurrem Queen Sultan is the most influential historical person in Turkey who was married to Kanuni King Sultan Suleyman. Firstly, she was a helpful woman. She helped people who needed help. For this reason she built a big building for poor people which included housing, a hospital, a school, a kitchen, a park and a Turkish bathroom. Secondly, she got married with King Sultan. That seems natural, but during century it was not common to marry the prince. She planned it and she did it. She broke the 100-year-old tradition. Finally, she tampered the wheels of state. For this reason researchers accept that she started a new thing which is called ”The Women’s Reign” in The Ottoman Empire. If you want to learn other things about her you should visit Turkey, and also you can see the building which she had built for poor people. It has working since 1550 to this day

Written by: Alanur Alolo


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