The Best Singer in Turkey


Turkey has a lot of singers, but why is Sezen Aksu the best? She is an influential singer because she writes perfect songs, she has an attractive voice and she is a helpful person. Firstly, I want to talk about her songs which she writes herself, and she also sells her songs to other singers because her songs are famous as herself. Secondly,  I will talk about her tone of voice which is unbelievable. When you listen to her songs you will feel better then before because it is amazing. Her songs are different kind of songs such as pop and classical songs. My favorite song from her is ‘Erkek Guzeli’ which in English means ‘The Handsome Man’. Finally, she is a helpful person. She gives concerts for  poor people for free, so her personality is perfect and for that reason she is my favorite singer .

Writing by: Berivan Ilhanli

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