Essay of The Month Winner: April



What an inspirational piece of writing. Congratulations to our student Reinaldo, who is a journalist in Brazil!!! ^_^Image

A place to call home

Constantly I imagine a huge room full of amazing stuff, as modern technology, delicious food and a lot of entertainment. This room can be called “wonderful place”, because the people who live inside of it are connected with each other all the time, planning the dream’s life and just worried about being happy. This room is the earth, nowadays and always our home.

I can also see, if I am a conscious person, the same place with different eyes. The technology, used for making our lives easier, destroying trees, consuming more and more electricity and polluting the air which we need to survive. That industry is important for us, but the consequences of destructive behavior will kill us. Then our happy “room”, created to be a natural place to develop the life will be gone.

People are always thinking about now and the future is secondary. We are losing the capacity of co-operate. The world is corporative and 1% of the global population knows what sustainability is. We don’t care about waste water, natural resources, electricity and fresh air, we just care about building the perfect world, which is magnificent outside and empty inside.

We should start to think about our legacy for humanity. Why don’t we separate our garbage? Why don’t we keep the faucet closed when we are dishwashing? Can we buy some ecological stuff? Are we able to do recycle in our home? I’m sure we can be happy in the same way doing these things. We just need to want to. No one will spend more than half hour with this every day. There isn’t time for regrets. Now is all that matters. If everyone does the job, maybe we will call this “room” as home again.



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