Nowadays, families are not as close as in the past.


Everyone needs a good relationships between their families. Nowadays, the life has changed totally than before. Family relations is one of the changes. In this essey I will argue that there are some reasons to rise this problem and  effects on society.

There are many causes why faimlies are not close-knit. Firstly, most of parents have jobs. To instance, they spend long time in their work and less and less time in taking care of their children. The biggest problem when the parents have adolescents or teengager because they need more attention to start their lives in good way. Secondly, the majority of this issue is developing of technology. For example, children use gadgets for a long time even if they stay with their parents. Also, because there are a variety of tools like iphone, ipad, ipod, it is easy to use them anywhere and anytime. Finally, each family whether is extended  or immediate has some family issue. In fact, when they have different opinions, they prefer to become not close with other to avoid the problems.


This issue has drawbacks affecting  the society. The children can use illegal things easily. For example, they do not have attention from thier parents, the children can take drugs, alcohol, or they are shoplifting. Furthermore, with use the techonolgy people forget  communication skills. To illustrate, when people meet others, they cannot speak fluently  face to face and they cannot express what they want to say. In addition, elderly parents cannot take care of themsleves, they need someone to help them and with family issues most chlidren put their parents in nursing home.

To sum up, parents should pay attention the relations between their children. Also, parents should take care about children’s upbringing.


Written by: Zo0oz

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