The Best Turkish Goalkeeper


I want to talk about the best Turkish goalkeeper Rustu Recber. He played in the Turkish National Team for over 10 years. There he became the most famous Turkish goalkeeper  in the world and  the first Turkish goalkeeper who transferred to the Spanish League where he played for Barcelona. Recber also played in some famous Turkish teams such as Fenerbahce and Besiktas, but he retired last year. Another reason why he is important, is that he had good abilities in front of the ball. In other words, he  had good reflexes and a fast body, but I think his best ability is  “flying the ball”. I felt excited when he used to “fly the ball”. Finally, he was a fair soccer player. He is a very friendly man, he talks with fans every time and he is a hard working person.

Written by: Ovunc Sesenoglu

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An Influential Turkish Queen

Hurrem Queen Sultan is the most influential historical person in Turkey who was married to Kanuni King Sultan Suleyman. Firstly, she was a helpful woman. She helped people who needed help. For this reason she built a big building for poor people which included housing, a hospital, a school, a kitchen, a park and a Turkish bathroom. Secondly, she got married with King Sultan. That seems natural, but during century it was not common to marry the prince. She planned it and she did it. She broke the 100-year-old tradition. Finally, she tampered the wheels of state. For this reason researchers accept that she started a new thing which is called ”The Women’s Reign” in The Ottoman Empire. If you want to learn other things about her you should visit Turkey, and also you can see the building which she had built for poor people. It has working since 1550 to this day

Written by: Alanur Alolo


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Influential Turkish Leader Kanuni Sultan Suleyman

Kanuni Sultan Suleyman was an influential Turkish leader who was the monarch of The Ottoman Empire in the 17th century. He had succeeded in wars and he conquered a lot of countries on the Asian and European continents. He had expanded the empire in a very short time. He was a disciplinary person. People were scared of him, so nobody committed crimes. The 17th century was called “The Golden Century” of The Ottoman Empire by many people. Criminal Laws were created by Kanuni SUltan Suleyman. Before Kanuni The Ottoman rules were not strong enough for people’s safety. He created rules about education, religion, crimes and trade. I think in the 17th century The Ottoman Empire was legislated as the Golden Age.

Written by: Merve


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Kivanc Tatlitug is an Influential Person in Turkey

One influential person in Turkey is Kivanc Tatlitug who is a Turkish actor and model. He won many modeling competitions as the best model of Turkey and the best model in the world in 2000, so he is a hard-working person. Second, he played in many series and movies and now, he is still playing in a TV series. The name of the series is ”Kuzey Guney”, which means ”North South”. Then he has joined UNICEF since 2 years ago. He is the youngest person in UNICEF and  he helps children and poor people.  He also is a very handsome man.  He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is tall and slim so he is the ideal man for many women.

Written by: Ebru

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Granville Island, by Rachel


We went to Granville Island. We were planning to go on a trip to the garden, but the weather wasn’t that supportive unfortunately. We took a bus and it seemed like the bus had changed the direction, so it was a longer trip than we expected. However, it wasn’t that bad because it was warmer than outside. Finally, we had arrived and got off the bus. We got into the Granville Public Market, which is famous for various kinds of farm products. You can see a variety of fruits and vegetables there. Look at the picture. On the left hand side, there are many beautiful, lovely, fresh, aromatic and colorful flowers. It is like we are in the garden. In the center, my classmates are looking at the flowers. My Brazilian classmate is pointing at the flowers and seems like they were talking about the flowers. In the back of them, there are signs which say FLORIST and FARMS or something similar. On the right side, there are some fruits. They are pineapples and above them, there are oranges. Other than flowers and fruits, there are meats, chocolates, cookies, bread, salmon and everything else. When we passed by foods, we got hungry because of the smell that stimulated our appetite. The atmosphere in public market was pretty alive and active.

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The Faces of Global Warming at PERA College

As you know, Earth Day is this coming Monday: April 22 and the theme for this year is “The Faces of Global Warming”… This year, people from all over the world can upload pictures from their communities portraying what they do to preserve the environment or how global warming is affecting their lives.
One of the stories submitted that touched our hearts is from a local man from Maldives, who has to relocate his entire family because of the increasing sea levels.
Our level 5 students got inspired by the theme this year and they shared how their lives have been impacted by global warming. You can read their stories bellow on the Pera College Blog.

How will you celebrate Earth Day???


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Hail storm – one day in my childhood


Hail storms are called rains with little pieces of ice, what could hit you while the rain happen. It’s not a big problem, but also is not insignificant. Always when that kind of storm happen we could have little damages, as a car scratch and damages in windows or roofs. At least,  at home, Sao Paulo – Brazil, it isn’t a big issue, but that kind of storm could be a big problem if that happen in farms, may causing damages in big plantation, once could it devastate all the plantation and hurt farm animals.

When you are a kid that could be just one happy day in your childhood. Almost one snowing day, after finish the hail storm, kids go to street and start to play with ice, making  ice fight and trolling little pieces of ice in each other, sometimes with catapult just to hurt more your enemy. 

One think always remind me these days is how beautiful is the floor after storm, when all the little pieces of ice stay on the floor  and reflecting the sun’s light, always so bright and looking like little pieces of crystal. Another funny think about is how crazy your mother gets when you are on the street enjoying the storm and playing with ice and getting wet. Good times.

The damages occurred hardly ever are big and frequently involve in most of cases roofs and car scratches.  Not a big issue, hail storms could be a funny day, if you don’t have your car scratched or your property damaged. 

Write by: Alan.

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Earthquake in Manila


On 16th July, 1990, a big earthquake occurred in Manila. Many people died, got injured, and lost their home. Then I was in school in the morning studying, when we were doing an activity suddenly the tables were shaking and most of our things got scattered in the room. The teacher told us to go under the table and put your hands behind your head. When the shaking stops already the teacher told us to run outside for safety.

While we were running going outside the building we were really shouting and screaming along the way. With the looks of the students most of them were really terrified with what happened also most of them are really crying. When the moment that everybody has calmed-down and silent we asked the teacher what happened she told us that they are talking with the authorities and for them initially they think its an earthquake. For hours we were just outside the building and the school administration was communicating with our parents that time to fetch us as soon as possible in the school because according to the them the structure of our school building is really in bad shape and it’s bending on the left already, so they are worried something might happen before we can get home. After an hour passes by fortunately all of our classmate was fetch by their families and parents already so everything is already calm and relieved.

When the time i got home my parents and family told me that the earthquake that we experienced was a magnitude 7.7 in Richter scale and that time it was one of the biggest earthquake we felt in history. At that time i couldn’t believe that an earthquake will teach me the reality that earth and land can be moved also naturally. Its really hard to explain what happened that time because i was still a little boy but it made me more knowledgeable as a person right now that things can happen anytime without notice at all.

For me based on my experience in that earthquake it let me feel that family is really important in your everyday life. Because without them you wouldn’t know what’s going on if a disaster hits you or in your community. I thank my family for teaching me all the knowledge that i have and the person who i am right now.

Written by: Ron


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Annual Flood in Vitoria do Mearim/MA-Brasil


Every year, usually from September to November happens a flood in Vitoria do Mearim, a small city on the state of Maranhao, northeast in Brasil. My grandparents living there and every year they need to move to our family`s farm because of  the flood, then they have to move all the furniture, driving to another place that is a little bit far from their house. In generally these months are the raining moths of the state, so raining a lot and the moving makes difficult, but they have leave their house, first of all they are a old couple and everyone in our family is worried about them and helped them during the moving, it`s something painful for everybody, it`s a sad time, specially to my grandmother, she loves her house, stuff and her yard as well, but all the time we talking with her, trying to show that this is the best decision.

When the flood time stops, started the time to come back to home, before we go to the house and making all the necessary repairs, like paint the walls, change something on the energy and cleaning the messy, the water destroy almost everything, after that, we make the move and put everything in the original place. The sad part when everything done, is see my grandmother going to her yard and crying because the water destroyed all her beautiful flowers (she really loves her plants), we talked to her, gave some advices, helped her to plant everything again, trying to make she fells better. How this changing is so painful for us we took a decision and now we building a house for them in the farm, I think in the end of this year it`ll be already and then we will make everyone happy without this crazy every year move!

Written by: Lucianna

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Great Wenchuan Earthquake in Beijing


On May 12 2008, there was a great earthquake happened in Sichuan province in China, named as Wenchuan earthquake. At that time I felt the shock while working in Beijing  in the office on 23 floor. Everyone in the building was evacuated through the emergency stairs. Fortunately, there was no damage done in the city of Beijing. However, meanwhile what was happened in Sichuan Province, was a totally different story. It was a disaster. 

Before the earthquake there was no any pre-warning from the national earthquake department. Thereafter some civilians said there were frogs and livestock running away. However no official reports were released before the earthquake. Everyone was shocked in this unexpected event. Actually, most of the cities from South to North, where are nearby the focal shock area (Sichuan province), including Beijing and Shanghai, all physically felt the shock.

I personally experienced the sways of the building. While I was typing on my computer, I saw the monitor swaying. At the moment I couldn’t tell whether I was moving or the other objectives around were moving. Just in a few seconds, I realized something happened, then I asked my co-worker if they felt the same for confirmation. But they were not sure either. And I said ” it felt like an earthquake.” Then everybody started to run. Meanwhile fire alarm rang. We were all evacuated from the fire stairs. Unexpectedly, everyone was pretty calm and organized. We stayed and talked on the grass flied in front of the building for about one hour. Nothing was further happened in Beijing. If something did really happened We would be alive even though we left the building quickly. Because the building was really high and there were five buildings closed each other that was hard for people running away from the collapse  for such a short period of time.

Meanwhile in Sichuan province, 69,197 were officially confirmed dead; about one mhas gone missing; 374,176 injured.

Written by Pai

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