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Essay about Spring

In Japan, we have a positive image of spring, but some people have a negative image. Spring is said to be the season of an encounter and a farewell in Japan. Some people feel hopeful about a new circumstance, on the other hand, some people feel anxious about that. However, Sakura(cherry blossom) blooms in spring, which is a national flower of Japan, so the Japanese likes Hanami(the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers) and spring.
First of all, I have lots of positive image of spring because we can get some warm weather, some flowers bloom, and we start new things. When I entered a new school in spring, I was usually excited because I could see new people and get new friends. Most of people have more positive attitude to making new friends, so it’s easier to make friends.
However, spring is the season of a farewell. We have a graduation ceremony in Japan. Therefore we have to say “Good-bye” to our friends. Sometimes we can be sentimental and concern about our new life. For example, they start to live alone, work at new company, go to the new school and so on. In other words, we are afraid of our new life, but it’s a natural emotion. In fact, spring is a time to challenge something new.
Finally, the Japanese like spring because of Hanami. Actually, we check the news about a forecast of Sakura blooming, and in some companies, some employees have to go and get a place for Hanami in the morning even if they hold a Hanami out the night. We have lots of food and Sake, and feel happy. Speaking of spring, most of Japanese people will say “Sakura.”
On the whole, spring is a short term. In this short term, many things are changed and people have to follow them. In my opinion, spring is the busiest and fullest season in the four seasons, so I have so many impressive memories in spring. As Sakura are gone soon, spring is gone quickly, therefore we should enjoy ourselves as far as we can.

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The Best Singer in Turkey


Turkey has a lot of singers, but why is Sezen Aksu the best? She is an influential singer because she writes perfect songs, she has an attractive voice and she is a helpful person. Firstly, I want to talk about her songs which she writes herself, and she also sells her songs to other singers because her songs are famous as herself. Secondly,  I will talk about her tone of voice which is unbelievable. When you listen to her songs you will feel better then before because it is amazing. Her songs are different kind of songs such as pop and classical songs. My favorite song from her is ‘Erkek Guzeli’ which in English means ‘The Handsome Man’. Finally, she is a helpful person. She gives concerts for  poor people for free, so her personality is perfect and for that reason she is my favorite singer .

Writing by: Berivan Ilhanli

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An Influential Actor

Christian Bale is a famous actor in the world, who was born in 1974 in Wales. The most attractive quality about him is that he is hardworking. Everybody must have seen him act in many movies. His body fitness has changed many times for each film in which he acted. This means he has such a big responsibility for his career. Also, according to my knowledge, he is an honest, helpful and modest person. Next, I have never seen him having sensationalist behavior. Christian simply acts and stays away from bad fame. Some singers and actors have bad reputation or a sensationalist attitude, like Lady Gaga, but he is not behaving this way. While, he has a different attitude than other famous people. In addition, his characteristic skills are enough to be a well person. For example, George Clooney and Jonny Deep’s personalities are similar with him. However, his way is influential for me because I want to be just a normal person, who we can see on the street and who works hard in his career.

Written by : Ali Haydar Sanli


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The Best Turkish Goalkeeper


I want to talk about the best Turkish goalkeeper Rustu Recber. He played in the Turkish National Team for over 10 years. There he became the most famous Turkish goalkeeper  in the world and  the first Turkish goalkeeper who transferred to the Spanish League where he played for Barcelona. Recber also played in some famous Turkish teams such as Fenerbahce and Besiktas, but he retired last year. Another reason why he is important, is that he had good abilities in front of the ball. In other words, he  had good reflexes and a fast body, but I think his best ability is  “flying the ball”. I felt excited when he used to “fly the ball”. Finally, he was a fair soccer player. He is a very friendly man, he talks with fans every time and he is a hard working person.

Written by: Ovunc Sesenoglu

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An Influential Turkish Queen

Hurrem Queen Sultan is the most influential historical person in Turkey who was married to Kanuni King Sultan Suleyman. Firstly, she was a helpful woman. She helped people who needed help. For this reason she built a big building for poor people which included housing, a hospital, a school, a kitchen, a park and a Turkish bathroom. Secondly, she got married with King Sultan. That seems natural, but during century it was not common to marry the prince. She planned it and she did it. She broke the 100-year-old tradition. Finally, she tampered the wheels of state. For this reason researchers accept that she started a new thing which is called ”The Women’s Reign” in The Ottoman Empire. If you want to learn other things about her you should visit Turkey, and also you can see the building which she had built for poor people. It has working since 1550 to this day

Written by: Alanur Alolo


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Influential Turkish Leader Kanuni Sultan Suleyman

Kanuni Sultan Suleyman was an influential Turkish leader who was the monarch of The Ottoman Empire in the 17th century. He had succeeded in wars and he conquered a lot of countries on the Asian and European continents. He had expanded the empire in a very short time. He was a disciplinary person. People were scared of him, so nobody committed crimes. The 17th century was called “The Golden Century” of The Ottoman Empire by many people. Criminal Laws were created by Kanuni SUltan Suleyman. Before Kanuni The Ottoman rules were not strong enough for people’s safety. He created rules about education, religion, crimes and trade. I think in the 17th century The Ottoman Empire was legislated as the Golden Age.

Written by: Merve


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Kivanc Tatlitug is an Influential Person in Turkey

One influential person in Turkey is Kivanc Tatlitug who is a Turkish actor and model. He won many modeling competitions as the best model of Turkey and the best model in the world in 2000, so he is a hard-working person. Second, he played in many series and movies and now, he is still playing in a TV series. The name of the series is ”Kuzey Guney”, which means ”North South”. Then he has joined UNICEF since 2 years ago. He is the youngest person in UNICEF and  he helps children and poor people.  He also is a very handsome man.  He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is tall and slim so he is the ideal man for many women.

Written by: Ebru

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