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Essay Against the Death Penalty – by Alberto Gomez

In my opinion, I’m against the death penalty as a form of criminal punishment. The most important reason, is that it is unethical because it increases disrespect for human life and it contradicts because you’re teaching that killing is wrong … Continue reading

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Common slang terms

This is a great booklet of common slang used by many Canadians and Americans that you will meet. You can also find these expressions in movies, on TV, and in popular songs. If you want to communicate better with native speakers, learn some of these terms and try to use them in your conversations!

Good luck!

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Help the Homeless: bakesale, hotdogs, and donations

After learning more about the difficulties of being homeless, students at Pera College decided they wanted to do something to help. We decided that we wanted to donate food and clothes and also raise money by selling delicious treats at … Continue reading

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This week’s writing: free time and new experiences

Free Time to be Alone    by Zhang When we assume too much stress from working and are also busy to join socialactivities with friends. Different people have different ways to decrease the stress,but, I consider that it is important to … Continue reading

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Read this week’s essays written by our dedicated students!

Healthy food      by KaoriMaintaining healthy is very important to live, but it is not so easy. Health isinfluenced many things in your life such as sleep, exercise, happiness and stress.You can get sick easily when you change your lifestyle only … Continue reading

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What Pera College students wrote about last week…dogs, shopping, and cooking!

The role of a dog in a family by Kaori Hirako  I love dogs. They make me happy. Dogs are very cute, friendly, and faithful. So they are comparatively easy to live with. The number of people who have dogs is increasing these days. Some … Continue reading

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