Health is the most essential factor for people’s lifestyle. People try to do diet bucause of its huge benefits that lead to keep people’s body really healthy. There are multiple reasons why people intend to do diet but there are also other ways to stay healthy.

There are many benefits to a healthy diet. First, nutritious food maintains and hydrate the body. one of the reasons for doing diet is to eat nutritious food. It has a lot of advantages because peope can eat some servings of vegetables and fruits. These have many vitamins that keep the body healthy such as vitamins A,B and C . Choosing two servings of fruits and three of vegetables is the best way. Second, when people do diet, they have the opportunity to avoid obesity. It is one of the most harmful factors that damage people’s health. They avoid it by not overeating so they care about what they eat and about the portion. Lastly, looking at the ingredients of food is a vital element to know what  they consist of. By doing this, people can avoid disease because they do not consume sugars and carbohydrate which cause high collestrol , thus , they eliminate the risk of  getting heart attack.

Even though diet is important, there are other ways to keep healthy. Going to gym and working out three times a week is a great mehod which  is not difficult to do and the body will get used to it. Being active is also a good idea that people should follow, and it is easier than going to gym and working out because they can have fun on sunny days by walking, hiking and biking. These have many upwards because people can enjoy and  exercise at the same time. Finally, another way to keep the body healthy is to destress your self by doing some activities. For example; listening to music,  going out with friends and so on. These are the ways that aid people to be more healthy and to maintain themrselves from damaging thier health.

To sum up, dieting and being healthy have a lot of ways that people can follow. In my opinion, people should walk 30 minuties every day and avoid eating fast food to keep thier body more healthier and sportive. Parents should educate thier children on how they can be healthy and advise them to not eat junk food. Outdoor activities are also important because children can enjoy being outside and take thier advantages by doing some sports such as ; fotball, soccer ,tennis.

Written by: Hadi

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