Nowadays, families are not as close as in the past.


Everyone needs a good relationships between their families. Nowadays, the life has changed totally than before. Family relations is one of the changes. In this essey I will argue that there are some reasons to rise this problem and  effects on society.

There are many causes why faimlies are not close-knit. Firstly, most of parents have jobs. To instance, they spend long time in their work and less and less time in taking care of their children. The biggest problem when the parents have adolescents or teengager because they need more attention to start their lives in good way. Secondly, the majority of this issue is developing of technology. For example, children use gadgets for a long time even if they stay with their parents. Also, because there are a variety of tools like iphone, ipad, ipod, it is easy to use them anywhere and anytime. Finally, each family whether is extended  or immediate has some family issue. In fact, when they have different opinions, they prefer to become not close with other to avoid the problems.


This issue has drawbacks affecting  the society. The children can use illegal things easily. For example, they do not have attention from thier parents, the children can take drugs, alcohol, or they are shoplifting. Furthermore, with use the techonolgy people forget  communication skills. To illustrate, when people meet others, they cannot speak fluently  face to face and they cannot express what they want to say. In addition, elderly parents cannot take care of themsleves, they need someone to help them and with family issues most chlidren put their parents in nursing home.

To sum up, parents should pay attention the relations between their children. Also, parents should take care about children’s upbringing.


Written by: Zo0oz

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Health is the most essential factor for people’s lifestyle. People try to do diet bucause of its huge benefits that lead to keep people’s body really healthy. There are multiple reasons why people intend to do diet but there are also other ways to stay healthy.

There are many benefits to a healthy diet. First, nutritious food maintains and hydrate the body. one of the reasons for doing diet is to eat nutritious food. It has a lot of advantages because peope can eat some servings of vegetables and fruits. These have many vitamins that keep the body healthy such as vitamins A,B and C . Choosing two servings of fruits and three of vegetables is the best way. Second, when people do diet, they have the opportunity to avoid obesity. It is one of the most harmful factors that damage people’s health. They avoid it by not overeating so they care about what they eat and about the portion. Lastly, looking at the ingredients of food is a vital element to know what  they consist of. By doing this, people can avoid disease because they do not consume sugars and carbohydrate which cause high collestrol , thus , they eliminate the risk of  getting heart attack.

Even though diet is important, there are other ways to keep healthy. Going to gym and working out three times a week is a great mehod which  is not difficult to do and the body will get used to it. Being active is also a good idea that people should follow, and it is easier than going to gym and working out because they can have fun on sunny days by walking, hiking and biking. These have many upwards because people can enjoy and  exercise at the same time. Finally, another way to keep the body healthy is to destress your self by doing some activities. For example; listening to music,  going out with friends and so on. These are the ways that aid people to be more healthy and to maintain themrselves from damaging thier health.

To sum up, dieting and being healthy have a lot of ways that people can follow. In my opinion, people should walk 30 minuties every day and avoid eating fast food to keep thier body more healthier and sportive. Parents should educate thier children on how they can be healthy and advise them to not eat junk food. Outdoor activities are also important because children can enjoy being outside and take thier advantages by doing some sports such as ; fotball, soccer ,tennis.

Written by: Hadi

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics& Answers

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a world-renown test used as an entry language requirement for higher education and for immigration purposes.

The following are two examples of possible topics for Writing Task 2 or the Essay. Also, take a look at the sample answers.

A. Nowadays, many families are becoming distant and people have become accustomed to it. What are the reasons for this trend and how does it impact the society?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

B. The most important aspect of having a healthy lifestyle is keeping a balanced diet. 

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

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IELTS Essay Samples Written by our Talented IELTS Preparation Students

We are in the process of learning how to write an IELTS Task 2 writing, an essay, which is slightly different than other essay forms. If you read these essays bellow you will get an idea of how to write for the IELTS exam. 20130515-155529.jpg




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Volunteering Work: Evergreen in Heywood Park, North Vancouver

We had fun planting trees, shrubs and bushes on a lovely sunny day. We also met some Canadian volunteers:)

Here are some of the stories Level 2 students prepared for you.








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The Essay of the Month Competition Topic for May

In British Columbia, May is a month that celebrates influential people of different kind. Last weekend we celebrated Mother’s Day


and this coming weekend we will celebrate Queen Victoria’s Birthday (also known as Victoria Day).


Needless to say, we took our inspiration for the Essay of the Month Competition topic from these two holidays. Write about an influential person from your family & friends, your culture or your school days. It can be anyone from celebrities, political figures, sportsmen and women, teachers, scientists, artists, etc. to regular people.

Looking forward to reading your writings. ^_^

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Essay of The Month Winner: April



What an inspirational piece of writing. Congratulations to our student Reinaldo, who is a journalist in Brazil!!! ^_^Image

A place to call home

Constantly I imagine a huge room full of amazing stuff, as modern technology, delicious food and a lot of entertainment. This room can be called “wonderful place”, because the people who live inside of it are connected with each other all the time, planning the dream’s life and just worried about being happy. This room is the earth, nowadays and always our home.

I can also see, if I am a conscious person, the same place with different eyes. The technology, used for making our lives easier, destroying trees, consuming more and more electricity and polluting the air which we need to survive. That industry is important for us, but the consequences of destructive behavior will kill us. Then our happy “room”, created to be a natural place to develop the life will be gone.

People are always thinking about now and the future is secondary. We are losing the capacity of co-operate. The world is corporative and 1% of the global population knows what sustainability is. We don’t care about waste water, natural resources, electricity and fresh air, we just care about building the perfect world, which is magnificent outside and empty inside.

We should start to think about our legacy for humanity. Why don’t we separate our garbage? Why don’t we keep the faucet closed when we are dishwashing? Can we buy some ecological stuff? Are we able to do recycle in our home? I’m sure we can be happy in the same way doing these things. We just need to want to. No one will spend more than half hour with this every day. There isn’t time for regrets. Now is all that matters. If everyone does the job, maybe we will call this “room” as home again.



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Essay of The Month Winner

Essay about Spring

In Japan, we have a positive image of spring, but some people have a negative image. Spring is said to be the season of an encounter and a farewell in Japan. Some people feel hopeful about a new circumstance, on the other hand, some people feel anxious about that. However, Sakura(cherry blossom) blooms in spring, which is a national flower of Japan, so the Japanese likes Hanami(the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers) and spring.
First of all, I have lots of positive image of spring because we can get some warm weather, some flowers bloom, and we start new things. When I entered a new school in spring, I was usually excited because I could see new people and get new friends. Most of people have more positive attitude to making new friends, so it’s easier to make friends.
However, spring is the season of a farewell. We have a graduation ceremony in Japan. Therefore we have to say “Good-bye” to our friends. Sometimes we can be sentimental and concern about our new life. For example, they start to live alone, work at new company, go to the new school and so on. In other words, we are afraid of our new life, but it’s a natural emotion. In fact, spring is a time to challenge something new.
Finally, the Japanese like spring because of Hanami. Actually, we check the news about a forecast of Sakura blooming, and in some companies, some employees have to go and get a place for Hanami in the morning even if they hold a Hanami out the night. We have lots of food and Sake, and feel happy. Speaking of spring, most of Japanese people will say “Sakura.”
On the whole, spring is a short term. In this short term, many things are changed and people have to follow them. In my opinion, spring is the busiest and fullest season in the four seasons, so I have so many impressive memories in spring. As Sakura are gone soon, spring is gone quickly, therefore we should enjoy ourselves as far as we can.

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The Best Singer in Turkey


Turkey has a lot of singers, but why is Sezen Aksu the best? She is an influential singer because she writes perfect songs, she has an attractive voice and she is a helpful person. Firstly, I want to talk about her songs which she writes herself, and she also sells her songs to other singers because her songs are famous as herself. Secondly,  I will talk about her tone of voice which is unbelievable. When you listen to her songs you will feel better then before because it is amazing. Her songs are different kind of songs such as pop and classical songs. My favorite song from her is ‘Erkek Guzeli’ which in English means ‘The Handsome Man’. Finally, she is a helpful person. She gives concerts for  poor people for free, so her personality is perfect and for that reason she is my favorite singer .

Writing by: Berivan Ilhanli

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An Influential Actor

Christian Bale is a famous actor in the world, who was born in 1974 in Wales. The most attractive quality about him is that he is hardworking. Everybody must have seen him act in many movies. His body fitness has changed many times for each film in which he acted. This means he has such a big responsibility for his career. Also, according to my knowledge, he is an honest, helpful and modest person. Next, I have never seen him having sensationalist behavior. Christian simply acts and stays away from bad fame. Some singers and actors have bad reputation or a sensationalist attitude, like Lady Gaga, but he is not behaving this way. While, he has a different attitude than other famous people. In addition, his characteristic skills are enough to be a well person. For example, George Clooney and Jonny Deep’s personalities are similar with him. However, his way is influential for me because I want to be just a normal person, who we can see on the street and who works hard in his career.

Written by : Ali Haydar Sanli


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