Essay of The Month Winner

Essay about Spring

In Japan, we have a positive image of spring, but some people have a negative image. Spring is said to be the season of an encounter and a farewell in Japan. Some people feel hopeful about a new circumstance, on the other hand, some people feel anxious about that. However, Sakura(cherry blossom) blooms in spring, which is a national flower of Japan, so the Japanese likes Hanami(the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers) and spring.
First of all, I have lots of positive image of spring because we can get some warm weather, some flowers bloom, and we start new things. When I entered a new school in spring, I was usually excited because I could see new people and get new friends. Most of people have more positive attitude to making new friends, so it’s easier to make friends.
However, spring is the season of a farewell. We have a graduation ceremony in Japan. Therefore we have to say “Good-bye” to our friends. Sometimes we can be sentimental and concern about our new life. For example, they start to live alone, work at new company, go to the new school and so on. In other words, we are afraid of our new life, but it’s a natural emotion. In fact, spring is a time to challenge something new.
Finally, the Japanese like spring because of Hanami. Actually, we check the news about a forecast of Sakura blooming, and in some companies, some employees have to go and get a place for Hanami in the morning even if they hold a Hanami out the night. We have lots of food and Sake, and feel happy. Speaking of spring, most of Japanese people will say “Sakura.”
On the whole, spring is a short term. In this short term, many things are changed and people have to follow them. In my opinion, spring is the busiest and fullest season in the four seasons, so I have so many impressive memories in spring. As Sakura are gone soon, spring is gone quickly, therefore we should enjoy ourselves as far as we can.

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