Earthquake in Manila


On 16th July, 1990, a big earthquake occurred in Manila. Many people died, got injured, and lost their home. Then I was in school in the morning studying, when we were doing an activity suddenly the tables were shaking and most of our things got scattered in the room. The teacher told us to go under the table and put your hands behind your head. When the shaking stops already the teacher told us to run outside for safety.

While we were running going outside the building we were really shouting and screaming along the way. With the looks of the students most of them were really terrified with what happened also most of them are really crying. When the moment that everybody has calmed-down and silent we asked the teacher what happened she told us that they are talking with the authorities and for them initially they think its an earthquake. For hours we were just outside the building and the school administration was communicating with our parents that time to fetch us as soon as possible in the school because according to the them the structure of our school building is really in bad shape and it’s bending on the left already, so they are worried something might happen before we can get home. After an hour passes by fortunately all of our classmate was fetch by their families and parents already so everything is already calm and relieved.

When the time i got home my parents and family told me that the earthquake that we experienced was a magnitude 7.7 in Richter scale and that time it was one of the biggest earthquake we felt in history. At that time i couldn’t believe that an earthquake will teach me the reality that earth and land can be moved also naturally. Its really hard to explain what happened that time because i was still a little boy but it made me more knowledgeable as a person right now that things can happen anytime without notice at all.

For me based on my experience in that earthquake it let me feel that family is really important in your everyday life. Because without them you wouldn’t know what’s going on if a disaster hits you or in your community. I thank my family for teaching me all the knowledge that i have and the person who i am right now.

Written by: Ron


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